🎼   “Alexa, play classical study music.”


I built a neat voice application that gives Alexa the ability to instantly play Bach in the background— optimally allowing you to study, concentrate on your latest project, or simply provide the light ambiance to fill the room. For many, including myself, light classical music can help with concentration and meditation.

In Q1 & Q2 2017, Classical Study Music has had 19,446 Active Users and 126,123 Sessions 🎉

Technology & Praxis

Amazon Alexa
An Amazon Alexa application
  • Server-side engineering with Node.js
  • Amazon Web Services such as AWS Lambda, DynamoDb, S3, etc
  • Software development for the vocal UI
  • The source library is Open Goldberg Variations


  1. Login to alexa.amazon.com with your Amazon account
  2. Search and add the “Classical Study Music” skill via Amazon’s app store
  3. Use echosim.io to try it live! (or your Alexa-enabled device)

Amazon App Store On GitHub

Created at Bloc