A handcrafted & fully-operable music player inspired by Spotify


BlocJams is a front-end music application written in Vanilla JavaScript featuring handcrafted media queries, animations, and transitions.

I later refactored this application into a Single Page App using Angular— a modern frontend framework.

Technology & Praxis

  • Built with Vanilla JavaScript
  • Implements Functional Programming Methodologies
  • Features Hand-coded Animations & Transitions
  • Built with Media Queries & Responsive Design
  • Utilizes Advanced JQuery

Later refactored to AngularJS by:

  • Converting the project into a SPA (Single Page Application)
  • Configuring Routing and States for the application
  • Implementing Controllers for the app’s multiple views
  • Creating an Angular Service that handles all song playback
  • Writing an Angular Directive that controls track & volume sliders
  • Adding a time code filter to display elapsed time properly

Created at Bloc