Metrics is an analytics service and reporting tool that you can use with your web apps to track user activity and report results.

This project consists of:

  • A client-side JavaScript snippet that allows a user to track events on their website.
  • A server-side API that captures and saves those events to a database.
  • A Rails application (you are here) that displays the captured event data for a user.

Feature Set

Metrics Screenshot
Metrics Screenshot
  • As a user, I want to securely sign up for a free account by providing a name, password, and email. I also want to sign in and out of Metrics.
  • As a user, I want to register an application with Metrics for tracking
  • As a user, I want events association with registered applications
  • As a developer, I want to receive incoming events openly via an API controller
  • As a user, I want to use JavaScript to capture client-side events in my application
  • As a user, I want to see a graph of events for each registered application

Technology & Praxis

  • Built with Ruby on Rails & JavaScript
  • API Design
  • Secure Authentication
  • Database Persistence
  • Data Visualization

Created at Bloc