Choate Website


In 2014 we created our constituent portals to move our school away from a Blackboard LMS installation that had morphed to serve a purpose beyond the software’s intended design. It had become unfitting for our community and was bloated with many years of documents & files. The goal was to create a portal that would always contain only current files and emphasized current campus events. We wanted a centralized hub for all school information that was tailored to the profile of each user.

Portal Screenshot
Our 2014 Portal Launch

In 2017, the next step was to redesign these portals to match our 2016 public website redesign; it was also an opportune time to upgrade to a more modern backend. This was a multi-team project where our team worked alongside a contracted project manager, principle designer, and full-stack developer.

My Role

  • Front-end layout
  • Information architecture & distribution of all content
  • Custom UI design & implementation for key components

For this project we contracted with an industry-leading agency to bring in design, development, and hosting services.

Parent Resources
Custom UI Component


The first portal to re-platform into our new redesign was our first & oldest portal (originally created in 2011) which was in much need of a facelift— our Parents Portal. This was an old SharePoint 2010 backend, and the site lived apart from our public website.


We successfully launched an all new integrated portal for parents which received much applause from the community. This new portal now provides our Parents a breadth of new features in comparison to their past experience— featuring a much more aesthetically pleasing design.