Choate Website

In the Summer of 2016 we completed a major redesign to implement a more modern web experience for prospective families.


2013 Website Previous website (2013-2016)

The state of our website was approaching 3 years old and lacked many of the modern aesthetics found in today’s web landscape. It also didn’t accurately reflect the School’s commitment to innovation.

Additionally, it was hosted on an older ColdFusion-based backend that proved to be very limiting.

My Role:

  • Front-end layout
  • Information architecture & distribution of all content
  • Custom UI design & implementation for key components

For this project we contracted with an industry-leading agency to bring in design, development, and hosting services.

🎉 Solution

This was a timely opportunity for us to redesign while also moving to a brand new CMS platform built on Ruby on Rails. For this, we incorporated aspects of modern design, and made sure the user experience was more interactive & inviting. This was a multi-team project where our team worked alongside a contracted project manager, principle designer, and full-stack developer. We boldly chose a more minimal yet immersive navigation— later mimicked by other peer schools.

We achieved our main goal and released a best-in-class site— delivering an engaging overall user experience paired with a more advanced design aesthetic. We reached our deadlines comfortably, and launched the new site 2 weeks prior to opening of school. The School now continues to show itself as a leader within the independent school market, and more sincerely expresses its commitment to innovation along with its many other values.